If anything defines OTIS, apart from its safety standards, it is its principles and values. To the traditional values of respect, integrity and trust, we have added excellence and innovation as pillars of progress for the company.



In 2017, the company initiated new corporate ethics plan based on five points:

  1. 1. Leadership from management
  2. 2. Corporate policy and risk prevention
  3. 3. Fomenting the culture of ethics. This was undertaken on two fronts:
    • On-line courses for all employees
    • Training of subordinates by their superiors
  4. 5. Specific intranet
  5. 6. Established procedures whereby any employee may report an irregularity

The new Code of Ethics is more manageable, modern and accessible. Our workers have access to it from any device.

Leadership from management

OTIS’s managers are the highest rung of the organization’s corporate ladder. They must foster and be an example of the highest ethical standards. The analysis of compliance with the Code of Ethics in the company also forms part of their regular meetings.

The company foments recognition of the best practices in this area. Four of our workers were given awards for this reason at the events where the new Code of Ethics was presented.



The maxim “Your voice, our values” is OTIS’s message to all those who form part of the company. Everyone is asked to take part in this challenge to seek constant improvement. Everyone has our communication channels at their disposal.

Corporate policy and risk prevention

In 2017, OTIS audited and reviewed, with the assistance of its legal advisors, all those structures and jobs in which conflicts of interest could arise. Most of them concerned personal or family relationships, inside the company or out, or within management itself. All of them were resolved with measures aimed to avoid potential conflicts and safeguard the professional and personal interests of our employees.

Another of the key elements in this field was the gift policy. In 2017, marketing management designed a complete plan that defined what OTIS allows or does not allow us to gift to our customers. It is of crucial importance for those to whom we make a gift in no case feel that the company is seeking anything in exchange. Furthermore, neither do we accept gifts from outside, particularly in the case of the people who work in the Purchasing Department.

Regarding the travel policy for third parties, even though some of them are of key importance for the sales activity, we have established new rules and procedures for approval. Every detail is placed on record to guarantee the total transparency of our relationship with the customer.

Even the donations that OTIS makes to charity or philanthropic entities now pass through the filter of our Code of Ethics.


En el tercer trimestre de 2017 nuestra compañía había alcanzado ya el 100% de sus objetivos anuales en materia de formación.

Hemos creado una herramienta, el ‘Kit de Conocimientos’, que resume las principales políticas corporativas y que está disponible para todos en nuestra intranet.

Además, los responsables de cada departamento participan en la formación ética a sus equipos de manera presencial.


In the third quarter of 2017, our company had already reached 100% of its annual training goals.

We have created a tool, the “Knowledge Kit”, that summarizes the main corporate policies and is available to everyone in our intranet.

Furthermore, those responsible for each department take part in the ethics training of their teams, which requires in-person attendance.




Through the ECO Informa tool, we were able to launch 26 communiqués to the whole company in 2017 and receive queries from anywhere in the country. Thus, we handled more than 80 queries in the course of the 12 months.


OTIS has two channels to enable any employees who want to report possible irregularities to do so. One is international and the other is a national channel. Both guarantee the total confidentiality of the person making the report.

Corporate Social Responsibility

OTIS’s corporate volunteering were the best display of the commitment of our human team in 2017.

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our co-operation with the Special Olympics Foundation, which makes us feel specially proud.

Furthermore, we successfully organized the 3rd edition of our Charity Race. On this occasion, it was to collect funds for children’s cancer research. We expected 700 participants and there were more than 1,200. This was only made possible by the spirit of solidarity of our people.

OTIS is a socially committed company and wants to be recognized as such. Social commitment is one of the great elements that unites our human team. In 2017, we received:

  • Socially Responsible Company Prize
  • Child Protection Prize
  • Bequal Seal

We integrate differently-abled workers at both our head offices and our plants and work centres.


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