OTIS’s suppliers are an essential part of our success. Therefore, in order to always provide excellent products and services responsibly, our supplier policy was guided by four principles in 2017: reduction in the number of suppliers, a saving plan, common policies and procedures, and improvement in processes and tools.

Reduction in the number of suppliers.

This is a worldwide goal. Starting with a portfolio of between 6,000 and 7,000 suppliers, OTIS managed to reduce the figure by 15% in 2017. We focused on those who provided the best price, service and quality. 

Saving plan.

In 2017, we added a new success to our cost-reduction objective. We have been becoming increasingly efficient for years and, for this very reason, it is now increasingly difficult to improve. But we have done it again. There has been a key change of mindset: not only do we save large sums in a few large projects; we also save small sums of money in less striking projects. 

Common policies and procedures.

OTIS requires the same rules of the game from its workers and suppliers all over the world. One of the key factors in 2017 was our capacity to efficiently incorporate the policies designed at the company’s world headquarters. Furthermore, the code of conduct for our suppliers is still one of the pillars of the OTIS philosophy. Any company in the world that works with us must undertake to comply with it in writing.

Improvement in our processes and tools.

We have also reinforced the organization of our purchasing centre. And we have continued to publish tools in accordance with the program for the continuing improvement of company processes to optimize our day-to-day management.

Zardoya OTIS does not work alone. Around us, we have all our associated companies. The rules of the game are for them, too. This is why we have unified the control of the registration and deregistration of suppliers and are doing the same with our databases and systems.

The Purchasing Department was also of vital importance in the acquisition, supply and distribution of the more than 2,000 smartphones with which the company has equipped its technicians. This was a large operation, not only for Zardoya OTIS, but also for its associated companies. The new tools have changed the form in which all our employees work with and relate to the customers.


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