Replacement of elevators, improvements, portfolio management: a year of great achievements. We beat our own world record for the installation of elevators in existing buildings.

Outstanding operations
  • Marriott Hotel (Marbella): replacement of 32 elevators
  • Larios Shopping Center (Malaga): modernization of the equipment
  • Torres de Santa Cruz (Tenerife): modernization of the high-speed equipment

An essential part of our post-sale activity is modernizations, in which some key elements of the elevator are replaced. In 2017, we reached the cumulative total of 3,800 elevators modernized with our exclusive flat-belt Gen2 technology. These figures are unachievable for any of the other OTIS companies in the world.

Both private and public investment is increasing in the modernizations area and OTIS is well prepared to meet this challenge, both nationally and internationally.

Our Compass Plus system, an intelligent tool created to save time and optimize traffic where there are large volumes of passengers, is already present in more than 20 of the most important buildings in Spain. And it was included in almost all of them through modernization contracts.

As in other areas of the company, OTIS’s digitalization process has also provided an extraordinary impetus to the performance of our post-sale service. Our technical network now has unprecedented digital tools. In the second half of 2017, an app was developed to allow each one of our post-sale technicians to have all the information on possible improvements to our customers’ installations in his/her mobile device, including documentation, photos and even demo videos. Thus, the technician may advise the customer efficiently and, if the latter wishes to order any of the improvements, they can do so there and then by signing in the device itself, which automatically generates a work order at our offices.

Likewise, our salesforce is now even more efficient, swift and autonomous. Digitalization has changed the way in which we conduct our customer relations.

Another of our commercial tools is electronic invoicing. This tool is in increasing demand, since it represents major time saving in terms of administration and also avoids paper consumption. Our electronic invoicing system can be adapted to different types of customer, the invoices are stored for five years, they are sent to the customers’ systems and, in some applications, are automatically included in the accounting.

All this effort was rewarded by the EMEA prize that Zardoya OTIS received in 2017 as the best OTIS company in the world in terms of the improvement in customer loyalty. OTIS Portugal, a company 100%-owned by Zardoya OTIS, likewise received the prize for the best EMEA entity 2017.


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