For a further year, safety was the central pillar of OTIS’s performance. In 2017 we had even fewer accidents than in the preceding year and they were less serious. We are more efficient in controlling risks and, when an accident occurs, there are only minor injuries.


However, there are still opportunities for improvement. Our objective is for not a single accident to occur in any of our installations and for none of our technicians to suffer any kind of mishap, wherever they are. We will not be satisfied until this is fully achieved.
Following our line of constant improvement, the company’s target for 2018 is a further reduction of 5% in the number of incidents. We are aware that this is becoming increasingly complicated because we are constantly becoming safer, but we will never become complacent.

According to the Instituto Español de Seguridad e Higiene en el trabajo (Spanish Occupational Safety and Hygiene Institute), Zardoya OTIS is between 7 and 8 times safer than the average for companies in the construction and industrial sectors.

Training is a key factor in this results. A huge effort was made in 2017. OTIS invested more than 97,000 hours in training its technicians, half of which were devoted to 4,967 safety courses, attended by almost 3,700 technicians and supervisors.

Para llegar a estos resultados la formación es clave. El esfuerzo este año ha sido enorme. OTIS ha invertido más de 97.000 horas en formación para nuestros técnicos, la mitad de ellas dedicadas a 4.967 cursos de seguridad a los que han asistido casi 3.700 técnicos y supervisores. 

In addition, OTIS’s digitalization strategy led to a great leap forward in the organization of and the way in which our technicians execute the work.

Less errors More information
Less time wasted More precision
Less duplicationMore organization

As a result of digitalization, we have attained improvements in efficiency, productivity and safety that directly benefit both the customer and the technicians themselves. However, these digital advances also present challenges. One of the most important was the culture clash arising from the direct intervention of technology in the day-to-day work, which we have overcome as a result of the good work of our supervisors, who were able to transmit the use of the smartphone as a useful tool to make our work safer and more efficient.

The growth in the Spanish economy also affected our company. The very significant sales increase in the last 12 months has required Zardoya OTIS to make an effort to improve production capacity and process efficiency. In September 2017, the company commenced a production increase plan that, in only four months, had already begun to show results.

Furthermore, given the growth in the units from other manufacturers that we have under maintenance, we have become technically prepared to provide the same service level for elevators of our own brand and those of others and we have adapted our quality and safety standards for equipment with different origins.

For OTIS, challenges are always opportunities


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