In 2017, we sold more units than in the preceding year and again beat the world sales record for elevators in already-existing buildings


If this has been possible, it is because the entire Zardoya Otis organization is oriented towards growth and the customer. Our penetration is second to none, both in Spain and elsewhere. We can say that the Zardoya OTIS group is the organization with the highest number of elevators and escalators on its maintenance portfolio in the world.

The great achievement of Zardoya OTIS is its capacity to reach even the remotest village in Spain, Portugal or Morocco. We never lose sight of the value of this. Even in the hardest moments of the financial crisis a few years ago, not only did the Zardoya OTIS group not close its technical assistance points, but it continued to open new ones wherever this was necessary in order to be closer to its customers. This is why we can, today, be proud to be the leading company in our sector on the Iberian peninsula.

2017 was also a key year because we continued to implement the digitalization process. This transformation has placed customer needs as its priority, seeking a more frequent and swifter communication with the customer. The new technologies developed and applied to achieve more efficient and productive processes have helped us to get even closer to the people who need us and to provide customers with the information, technical assistance and contracting processes.

As a result of its commitment to digitalization, Zardoya OTIS will, over forthcoming months, decrease its consumption of the paper that was traditionally required when providing customer assistance.

Within this digitalization process, in 2017, Zardoya OTIS also implemented an internal social network based on Yammer. This network has already become a communication and training tool of crucial importance to the company.

The success of the strategic commitment to digitalization will continue with its expansion, implementing it in the other group companies over the next year.

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