Zardoya OTIS sold nearly 8,000 elevators to other OTIS companies all over the world in 2017. This represented a 3% sales increase in comparison with 2016. If we look only a little further into the past, the cumulative total is even greater: the increase in international sales was 16% in comparison with 2015 and 34% in comparison with 2014. 104 countries worldwide received units manufactured by Zardoya OTIS in 2017.



Inter-company business has been showing sustained growth for the last 20 years. From the initial 100 or 150 elevators per year at the end of the nineties, we increased to nearly 8,000 in 2017.

This is possible because we are able to sell our technology all around the globe. In 2017, we took our elevators to 104 different countries.

Furthermore, during the year, we sold to Belgium, Norway, South Africa, Lithuania, Honduras and Taiwan for the first time.

Almost 50% of our international sales are Gen2 Comfort technology. We also have other products, such as the Genesis elevators, which are showing a very significant upward trend. This technology will soon account for a third of our total exports. The Switch and Flex Plus elevators likewise continue to attract great interest outside our borders. The two of them account for close to 10% of our foreign business.


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