In the course of its ordinary activities, Zardoya OTIS is still deeply involved in the objective of attaining universal accessibility. In 2017, our company promoted the conferences “2017: the end of architectural barriers?”, organized in several Spanish cities with a view to achieving the elimination of architectural and sensorial barriers.


Authorities from the autonomous regions and regional social organizations participated in these conferences with a common objective: to generate an inclusive environment for differently-abled people with physical, mental or sensorial disabilities.

Not all our users are the same. Each one of them, even more so when they have special needs, requires a different type of attention. OTIS is the only company in the sector that includes a product like the “eView” display as standard feature of all its equipment. If necessary, this allows contact to be made by videoconference with the users of our equipment and places a specially-trained human team at the disposal of users with physical, mental or sensorial disabilities to advise and help them in any way they need.

Our company moves 25 million people per day. In their work, our human teams make a day-by-day effort to achieve a more inclusive environment. We design, manufacture and repair equipment to make it easier for the more than 3.5 million differently-abled people in Spain to get around.

For us, the elevator is not only a means of transport. It is also the opportunity to furnish real and efficient help to groups who need us, including the elderly. In this context, we participated in SIMA 2017 together with the ONCE Foundation, presenting our proposals for a world without barriers within the framework of the accessible house created by the Foundation.

Apart from the foregoing, we never forget the pillar that supports the company: safety. In 2017, we created two awareness campaigns specially addressed to children on the safe use of elevators and escalators, in which the Asociación Nacional de Seguridad Infantil (National Child Safety Institute) co-operated by publishing them in the media and social networks.

Accessibility and safety are two concepts embedded in our DNA and we try to foment them among those who design and execute infrastructures. This is why, in 2017, we again sponsored the prizes of the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad (Architecture and Society Foundation), the 2017 slogan of which was “Humanize the city”.

The intensive changes that our company underwent in the year, combined with the efforts made by everyone to connect and be with our customers and prescribers made it possible for us to generate nearly 4,000,000 impacts on society through our press releases, speeches, sports events, training days and social networks.

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