The LEAN transformation arrived at the three Zardoya OTIS plants: Madrid, San Sebastián and Vigo follow a production model in which the times of waiting, transport, inventory, etc. are reduced, in order to give the customer the highest value by maximizing the resources available. Thus, we are increasing our efficiency and flexibility.


As in day-to-day operations, digitalization forms part of the plant processes. Following the Industry 4.0 model, we have included sensors and information systems that have allowed us to transform our production processes and make them more efficient.

A clear example is our Vigo (Pontevedra) plant, where we have managed to increase the available space by almost 20% and quadruple the number of units shipped in only three years.

In terms of volumes manufactured and subsequently shipped, 2017 was an excellent year for the three plants.


The Madrid plant beat its historical record in 2017. In the 12 months, it shipped 10,819 elevators, showing growth of 13% on the preceding year.

The plant design has made it an unbeatable sales showcase in itself: our present and future customers can see the production process of the technology that they will finally buy in situ.



San Sebastián

The Barrio Herrera plant in San Sebastián is undergoing a major transformation of the processes for managing materials, which will culminate in the move to Zubieta. The construction of the new plant will commence in mid-2018. It will be operating at full capacity in 2020.

The production figures of this plant are spectacular: in 2017, 51,584 machines were manufactured and shipped to Spain and the rest of the world due to, among other factors, the Green Power machine, used by all the countries where OTIS Elevator Co. operates. In the last four years alone, these facilities increased their production by 10,000 machines.


The production of the Vigo plant has changed greatly, not only in terms of the number of elevators shipped, but also because of its product range. Thus, in 2017, in addition to 45 elevators for cruise vessels, almost 100 special elevators and 1,700 Gen2 modernizations were shipped from the plant.

The development carried out by the Vigo engineering department to adapt Gen2 technology to ship elevators allowed six new patents to be obtained.

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