If any one thing has made us leaders, it is our culture of commitment and teamwork. With that potential, we have focused on fostering the pride in belonging among all our employees. In Zardoya OTIS we share a single vision: “Together, we are unstoppable”.



The pillar of the company’s activity are its people. This is why training is one of the key factors in our performance. Zardoya OTIS’s ratios are not only the highest in our sector, but also the highest among other companies of our size.

All company employees have the right and obligation to be trained. The training plans are monitored and analyzed at the monthly management committee meetings.

The digital transformation process that OTIS is undergoing has been a challenge of the first magnitude because it entails a very significant cultural change. The whole company has successfully adapted to this new situation. Our training itineraries are now much more effective for our employees, in term of both interest and utility.

Another of the keys to this success are the new tools that have been available to us. For example, we have been teaching work techniques to our specialists using games. Something that was unimaginable only a short time ago is now happening. And, moreover, it has been demonstrated that it provides more motivation to employees and allows us to retain them.

Identifying the training required by employees, the tools that will allow them to make the best decisions and how we can help them to grow is of crucial importance.

This vision allowed us to obtain the ‘Top Employers’ certificate for the third year running. We are where we want to be: with the leading multinationals worldwide in terms of training, rewards and corporate culture.

One of the great future challenges is to incorporate female talent into the company. OTIS is striving for this every day.

In a sector that is particularly complicated in respect of diversity, we improved the parity rate on all the levels of the corporate pyramid. This does not only relate to having better men-women balance in terms of quantity, but is also a key factor in fomenting the growth and development of female talent in the company.

OTIS feels specially proud of its equality plan. And another of the pillars of this plan is the inclusion of differently-abled people in our company.

We work with foundations that help us to include professionals with disabilities, who perform excellent work for the company. Furthermore, we now have more than 140 people in the company who came to us as a result of our relationship with these entities.

Our selection processes have a maxim: in any one of them, there must always be men, women and differently-abled candidates.


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